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Los Prietos – William Stafford Celebration – Santa Barbara, CA

January 27, 2018 will be our 12 celebration at the Los Prietos camp site where William Stafford served as a conscious objector during WWII. Featured readers will be Peg Quinn and Michael McLaughlin. 

The reading takes place in an outdoor picnic area at 2:00 pm on the last Saturday of January. There are always a couple of featured readers, but anyone in attendance is also welcome to read a Stafford poem aloud.

The First Crossing Day Use Area does not have an address, but it is almost directly across the road from the Los Prietos Boys Camp, 3900 Paradise Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. (In case of rain, meet a mile down the road at the Los Prietos Ranger Station, 3505 Paradise Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.)

In 2012, with the permission of the United States Forest Service, the following interpretive display was erected on the site: